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Nancy Drew Game Abbreviations

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favorite villains: brenda carlton | alibi in ashes

"I do the news, not charity."

favorite villains: brenda carlton | alibi in ashes

"I do the news, not charity."
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Headcanon: Charlotte was in love with a young man her family didn’t approve of and they planned to run away together the day after her birthday

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Nancy hardly ever having Ned in her contacts anymore.


Nancy hanging up on Ned to talk to Frank (and Joe) in CRE.


Nancy having a picture of Dave Gregory saved in her phone 13 cases later.


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this rat be like “nancy i’m doing you a favor i’m taking this shirt and these jeans and never giving them back”

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A ghost doesn’t have to be real to haunt you.

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so i feel Bess on a spiritual level in this game

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